OTDT Roundabout 6 July 2015

SPORTSBALL! Plus all the otaku news from the past week.

-Sportsball, indeed. Nadeshiko Japan kinda got whupped in the World Cup Final. Hopefully the country fell in love with women’s football again despite the loss and what happened four years ago.

-The next global competition of interest? Likely the World Cosplay Summit on the 25th.

-I appreciate the effort of this master of wagashi, but how are there seventy-two seasons? We barely have three anymore.

-Gackt may be one of Japan’s most popular dorks, but even he isn’t a fan of the Cool Japan project.

-If you’ve never been to Shibuya Crossing, a ridiculous 4-way intersection that puts even Times Square to shame, you can at least enjoy this papercraft version.

-Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, that Anime Expo thing. I have a mighty need for Princess Jellyfish.

While I anxiously wait for next February, here’s what OTDT had for you this past week:

That’s all from last week. Try to ease yourself back into this week.

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