OTDT Roundabout 13 July 2015

The article for true believers, wrapping up San Diego Comic Con and the rest of the week in otaku news.

-A major come-down from the high of SDCC was the passing of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata at age 55. That’s much too soon for anyone. He will be missed.

-Something more uplifting was what happened during Comic Con’s Supernatural panel. As Fall Out Boy might say, Light ‘Em Up.

-Japan’s formula for calculating Vitamin C turns out to be a lemon.

-Speaking of diet, here is a very cool post about how some parts of Japan are adapting to halal diets.

-We may not have flying cars in 2015, but the 6-year wait for a scooter kopen crossover with Fire Emblem is almost over.

-Finally, how not to be that guy at Comiket.

You wanna be The Guy? Then start by catching up on the week in OTDT.

That’s all from last week. Enjoy this week.

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