OTDT (Otaku Drive Time) is an organization of modern “American Otaku” and “American Wota” who are out to spread the word about their fandoms to the rest of the world.  We are a group founded on tolerance and equality and are always looking to expand our knowledge of the many fandoms of the world.  While our focus is on Japanese fandoms (anime, manga, tokusatsu, J-pop, J-rock, idols) we all know that the modern “American Otaku” has interests that spread beyond their Japanese roots.  It is because of that we welcome many other fandoms as points of discussion.  Being an American fan is a difficult task with the economy, the ever growing and shrinking American Anime Industry, the death of the DVD/BluRay, piracy, and difficulty of finding anime, manga, and general merchandise, our goal is to help you and in turn you help us.