Tokyo Olympics, Tokusatsu, REC, and 009 Re:Cyborg

The OTDT crew talk about Tokyo winning the 2020 summer Olympics.  They look at a recent NY Times article that discusses the “death” of classic Tokusatsu.

Chris reviews the anime REC.

The crew reviews the motion picture 009 Re:cyborg (BluRay Release)

Driving with Matsuricon, Hello!Project, Ducktales, and Hello Kitty

The cast returns to discuss recent Hello!Project news.

Z and Chris are joined by Sara to go over their experiences with Matsuricon 2013.

Jim and Z talk about the Ducktales remastered video game for the PS3, WiiU, and 360.

Lastly we look at the San Rio character rankings!

The Drive Begins!

The inaugural episode of Otaku Drive Time.  This episode introduces the cast.  They talk about Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement, Comcept’s Mighty Number 9 (Kickstarter), Digimon’s return to American Television, Erie Anime Experience, and the birth of Blurrycon.

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