D-Boys/ D2 Update

Being the OTDT liaison to the D-Boys/ D2 fan community, I feel obligated to bring you, our readers and listeners, periodic updates regarding events affecting the troupe and the community as a whole.

On Monday December 1, Tooru Kamitsuru announced on his blog that he would be stepping down and leaving Watanabe Entertainment (the umbrella organization that manages the group) when his contract expires on December 25. Thanks to translations from the lovely tumblr user maketakunai and her D2 blog, I was able to read both his original post, and the series of replies from the other members of the subgroup. The outpouring of love and support in the midst of the corresponding heartache truly enlightened me to the kind of person Kamitsuru-san is.

Kamitsuru-san was one of the founding members of D2 when it was started as an offshoot of the main D-Boys group. As more people were brought in, eventually bringing their number up to 16, everyone seemed to initially be afraid of him and his bleached hair. He quickly turned their opinions around, though, and one by one they started to rely on him as a senpai and older brother type. He often took Master of Ceremony duty at live events, and seems very much the sort of person who leads by example.

I’m sad that a lot of this information was gleaned second-hand, as the majority of my fandom stems from the television. He primarily appeared on the theater stage and at live events, so he hasn’t been as visible to me as some of the other group members are. This is also my first idol graduation, so I haven’t been sure on multiple levels what an appropriate reaction would be.

The factors in his making this decision remain unclear, whether it just seemed like the time was right, or whether there are health concerns going on (as had been the case with Nakamura Yuichi, who was sick, recovered, and is now returning to entertainment through a different talent agency). There’s also the theory that while the merger with the main D-Boys group last year may not have been a factor, it probably made the decision a little bit easier. I know that there had been some concern in my corner of the fandom, since his blog posts had become less and less frequent, that something wasn’t quite right. Either way, the other members of the group intend to stay as close to him as ever, even if he won’t be appearing with them on stage anymore.

Let’s stand with them in wishing him luck in whatever adventure lies next on his path.

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