X-men, Amplitude, AKB48 Assaulted By a SAW, and a Professor Layton Follow-up

The crew, joined by Aki Munnell, Bryan Spiegel, and Sara Goldberg talk about X-Men the good, the bad, and the future.
THEN the show actually starts!
They take a look at the results of the Harmonix Kickstarter Amplitude. Give a final look at Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy and rate it.
Then they wrap it up with a talk about AKB48 and the recent attack on the group by a guy with a saw.

Want to see it the show live tweet at us using the hash tag #screwitdoitlive?
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Oh No! Godzilla!!!!

John, Jeanie, Chris, Jim, and Z take a look at the 2014 movie incarnation of Godzilla.
The overall consensus, you must see this movie.

They also talk a little about Independence Day and its sequels.


Gareth Edwards Draws from Jaws and Jurassic Park – Slate.com
Post-Fukushima, Japan’s favorite monster may never go home again – Reuters


You Get What You Pay For
by Lee Rosevere

by Hans Atom

Road To Nowhere
Music by D.Byrne
Lyrics by C.Frantz, D.Byrne, J.Harrison, T.Weymouth

Everything Is Awesome
by Tegan and Sara

A Cornucopia of Fandom! Pokemon, Power Rangers, Miku, and Granola?

This time the cast sit down and look at the upcoming releases of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. From there they give their reactions to the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers re-envisioning movie from Saban and Lionsgate. We look at Lady Gaga’s current tour with Hatsune Miku and wonder where the fan coverage is.
We talk about Granola and its relationship to anime memes (think Nature Valley)

Driving With MEGARAN

CAPCOM licensed musician, Megaran takes time out of his schedule to talk with OTDT about his new album The Call:8Bit, Japan, video games, music on Vinyl, and more!
The crew also comment on Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty song and music video.


Megaran’s Official Page
Purchase Megaran’s Music and Merchandise

Avril Lavigne ‘Hello Kitty’ Video Is An Embarrassment In Any Language (Billboard Magazine)

Driving with Tiger and Bunny, Professor Layton, ToQger, and Import Gaming

Jeanie, Prager, Chris, and Z are joined by Sara where they review the Tiger and Bunny: The Rising movie. They then talk about the new Super Sentai ToQger. Moving on Sara leads a review of the latest installment in the Professor Layton franchise.
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