Cruising with Zipcon, Miyazaki’s Issues with Anime, Danball Senki, Kikader, and Twitch plays Pokemon

The crew is joined by Eric Murray who comes with coverage of the first Zipcon. They then look at the new reboot of the classic Tokusatsu Kikaider. Moving forward they look at the news that Dentsu USA has partnered with Nicktoons to bring LBX (Danball Senki) to the United States. With that they talk about Hayao Miyazaki’s comments that the problem with the anime industry is that it is full of Otaku Wrapping things up we drive past “Twitch Plays Pokémon” and discuss the wonders of it.

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Driving Over Robocop, Pompeii, Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and More

This week the crew look at Tatsunoko being purchased by NTV. they review the 2014 remake of Robocop. Then Jim and Jeanie discuss the movie Pompeii and the man with the pout of incredible power. From there we look at Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Z then talks video games with Puyo Puyo Tetris, Inazuma 11, Kamen Rider Battride War 2, and fail once again to talk about the new Sonic the Hedgehog

A Look at Setsucon, Gaim, Power Rangers, and More

The cast looks back at Setsucon 2014. Then discuss the upcoming skipping of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger as Power Rangers Dino Charge. Finally they do a recap of the current status of Kamen Rider Gaim and then talk about D-Boys/D2.

Gearbox Union
Drink’n Boys
Official Kamen Rider Gaim
TV Asahi Official Gaim
D2 Official Website
TV Asahi Official ToQger
Toei Official Toqger
Sabotage as covered by Japanese Idol

Nintendo, Power Ranger, Super Sentai, the Simpsons, and More

The OTDT cast takes a look at the recent commentary from main stream media outlets questioning the viability of Nintendo to remain as a hardware and software company in todays gamining market.

Next, they look at the new Kamen Rider Movie which has the return of the original Kamen Rider reprising his role.

Moving on they look at Power Rangers… and move right along…

They  also look at the Simpson’s episode that pays homage to Miyazaki!

Traveling to Japan on a Budget Part 1.

Gengar Christmas traveling to Japan

Looking for some alternative vacation plans in 2014? In this first episode of a two-part series, the OTDT crew explores strategies for planning a trip to Tokyo on the cheap. Using the magic of the Internet, they learn how to stay and travel in Tokyo for a week  inexpensively, then compare the cost with that of a trip to a summer destination convention in the US. How will it stack up? Stay tuned!

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Listener Discretion Advised: Driving With Akicon

Listener Discretion is Advised as this episode covers an alleged sexual assault and should be avoided by people sensitive to the subject matter. This unscripted and frank look at allegations of sexual assult by a guest of honor of the event, their potential knowledge of the history of the guest, and its impact on the Anime Convention Industry, if any.


Traveling with Unagi Travel, Playing with the Smart Doll, and looking at Vocaloid

The Drive Time crew take a look at the Unagi Travel Service for Plushies.  Then look at the amazing piece of technology that is the Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll. Finally, they bring it home with a talk about the Kagerou Project.


Unagi Tavel Service:

Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll:

Kagerou Project:

Driving Headlong into a Cosplay Crisis

In this episode the OTDT cast talks a little about the 50th anniversary Doctor Who 3D theatrical event.  Then they delve into a touchy subject and look at an article dealing with cosplay harassment at conventions.



Dr. Who Event:

Cosplay Harassment:


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