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    I figured I’d give some feedback here and hope someone sees it. I’ve listened to parts of the recent episodes, focusing in on what interests me.

    GameStop – I liked the talk about how physical video games are going away. While I’m one of those sports gamers you make fun of, I can’t tell you how many discs of the same college basketball game I went through because the Xbox 360 scratched my game anytime the tray was opened. My old NES and N64 cartridges work better than discs. While I still have some discs, I’m trying to move away from them altogether. I totally prefer digital downloads and I can see stores like GameStop and The Exchange dying out.

    I like that you guys point out how cheap these places like GameStop and The Exchange are. I traded in my Wii for a whopping $20 at The Exchange and didn’t even get $50 for my Xbox 360. I no longer needed either console, but that’s besides the point. These stores rip you off, and it’ll be sweet justice to see them go the way of Blockbuster.

    Konami – I was interested to hear your thoughts on what’s gone on with this company, even though it’s not a company I really have any attachment to. Unfortunately you guys got off topic a bit too much and didn’t really give much of an answer. Maybe that was the point, that you can’t figure out what’s going on with them.

    Amiibo – I liked the talk about amiibos and that you helped make clear how the data gets erased on each new game you use it on. I collected a few of them, maybe 11 or so, but I never got any of the rare ones. After my favorite Smash character Lucina got sold out in 30 seconds or something like that, I get the feeling I won’t be collecting anymore.

    So there you have it. Thanks for updating the podcast.

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