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    OTDT Forum Rules of Conduct

    1. Be Respectful of Each Other
      • Do not insult another members
      • Do not threaten another members
      • Do not harass another members
      • Do not make unwanted romantic/sexual advances to other members
    2. No Hate Speech (See Rule 1)
    3. Do Not Spam
      • SPAM is defined as unapproved advertisements, solicitations, phishing schemes, or other types of posts that can be interpreted as SPAM by the moderation team
    4. Community Outreach
      • Posting of most community events is permitted. The title of the post must include the date of the event, if applicable.
      • Community Outreach events are Conventions, meet ups, movie showings, volunteer events, and other related get together activities that RELATE TO FANDOM or Japanese Culture
      • Links to the event are permitted in the topic
      • If the date of the event is not included and is applicable the topic may be edited, closed, or deleted
    5. Convention Discussion/Advertisements
      • Posting of Anime, Sci-fi, Gaming, Fantasy, Comic Book, Toy Show, Collectable Conventions, Furry, Fanfic, Tumblr, Twitter, and similar are permitted.
      • Postings are permitted to contain links to the respective convention
      • Convention organizers may request a subforum for their respective convention. Subforums will be granted on a case by case basis, and only after the community becomes: Large enough to support a sub forum, a conventions discussion contains enough topics that to maintain order in the forum it makes sense for it to have its own subforum, or the convention offers us something to get their own subforum.
      • A convention can and will be removed from the forums at the discretion of the administrators without notice
      • If a convention is removed, do not repost it
    6. Pornography (Porn)
      • Posting of sexually explicit (XXX) photos, videos, or text is not permitted
      • Posting of any sexually explicit (XXX) material related to children (under 18 in the United States) is not permitted and posters will be turned over to local law enforcement
      • Posting of nude photos is not permitted
      • Posting of hentai (sexually explicit) videos or photos is not permitted
    7. Selling/Trading
      • Selling/trading sexual relations/favors/acts is not permitted
      • Sales of bootleg material is not permitted
      • Sales of any item/service illegal in the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not permitted
      • Sale/trading posts are only permitted in defined areas
      • Sale/trading posts must include a picture of the item to be sold that MUST CONTAIN A HAND WRITTEN NOTICE THAT HAS THE POSTERS SCREEN NAME ON IT. (This is to verify that you have the item you are selling)
      • Posters of items for sale are required to state that the item is sold
      • Posting of pre-orders is permitted only by approved users
      • Otaku Drive Time, Megaroad Entertainment, and Megaroad Toys do not take responsiblity for items sold/traded for on these forums. Items are posted and negotiated for at the risk of the buyer
      • Any user accused/found guilty of scamming will be banned from selling, and banned from the forums. Their user information will be recorded and posted in a bad seller/buyer thread
    8. Catch All
      • Any post may be reviewed, moderated, and actions taken by any moderator/administrator at their discretion and rules created based on events
    9. The user accepts that all posts are the opinions of the poster and not that of OTDT
    10. The forums are the property of OTDT and posts are archived
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