Persona Persona Persona Persona

Atlus definitely wants all yo yens (yip yip yap, also probably not SFW) and will try to do so by porting FOUR new Persona games. There’s the 3DS-exclusive Persona Q, which mashes up the cast of Personae 3 and 4, the multi-platform sequel to Persona 4 Arena, the Vita-exclusive rhythm game Dancing All Night, and of course, Persona 5 on PS3. PQ and Arena Ultimax will come to North America in the fall of 2014, while P5 and Dancing All Night will come out in 2015.

With these announcements Atlus has quadrupled down on its steak as import game publisher of choice. Since the original P4, along with P4 Golden and the first Arena title combined for over two million units sold, our guess is that no one will eat dinner the night before release, deciding to wait in line instead. Atlus will definitely have people talking about murders well into next year.

Now, who wants to go to Junes?