OTDT Roundabout 27 April 2014

Every week, we’ll round up news bits we may have missed and put them here.

Finally caught up with Sailor Moon news? Here’s what else happened.

-Did you go to Japan in March? You weren’t alone. Also, you’re most likely Taiwanese.

-Here are some amenities every apartment should have: air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, on-site laundry, cats

-Celebrating it’s 25th birthday this week: the Game Boy. Here are some acknowledgments from The Guardian.

-I personally felt watching anime helped fluency in Japanese, so using dating sims to expand your vocabulary isn’t totally implausible.

-This week in robots: a Labor takes in a ballgame, Chuck Hagel meets Atlas, and POTUS vs ASIMO.

-Barney Stinson could’ve told these idol fans that not all high-fives are created equal.

And don’t forget that OTDT has all the hits from pop, hip hop, and whatever the hell this was, plus all your local artists.

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