Japanese Beverage Company Suntory to buy Jim Beam

It’s time to toast another wonderful day in the world of tangentially-related nerd news. Suntory Holdings has agreed to buy out drink maker Beam Inc. (as in Jim Beam, but also Maker’s Mark and Calico Jack among others) for approximately $13.6 billion. The two already had a mutual relationship—Suntory distributes Beam products in Japan and Beam distributes Suntory in other Asian markets—and once the transaction takes place some time in the 2nd quarter of the year, Suntory will now have about $4.3 billion in annual sales.

The tangentially-related part of this article is that while Suntory has a vast catalog of alcohol itself (including Midori), the 3 best known products to American nerds are CC Lemon, Pepsi NEX, and most importantly, Boss Coffee. I hope you have a drink handy as you waste the rest of your day watching Tommy Lee Jones, 30 seconds at a time.