John Prager

John began his anime fandom through forced indoctrination by helping an old friend at his local anime convention. This created a love for the fan community and general nerd fandoms. John admits that he is not an “Anime fan persay” but a fan of new media, super heroes, art cinema, and other cultures (foreign or not).
John served on the Board of Directors for his local anime convention for eight years before leaving the organization in 2013. During that time he worked with Jim, Jeanie, and the rest of the board to create two anime and Japanese culture conventions.
John is a self proclaimed esoteric fan.
He joined the OTDT crew/team to bring a non-fan’s perspective to the program. Along with the non-fan’s perspective one of his other goals was to bring more new media to the organization. John strives to bring alternate views and ask the questions that new fans may have.